I created this page to serve as a virtual toolbox of many of the resources I recommend for building a sauna in your own home; from books & further education, to construction, sauna supplies & accessories. You’ll also find tools that I highly recommend every DIYer have before starting their project.

Please note that many of the links within this Resources Page are affiliate links to products for which I’ll earn a referral commission. Any income I receive from commissions like these are what help keep this site going, so I can continue to provide better content and education on tile shower construction and other DIY projects. But rest assured, I only recommend products that I use and approve of, and I feel would be helpful in your home sauna project. They are not on this page simply for the commissions I may earn by referring you to them.



The following are some products that can be great additions to your sauna – new or existing – and spruce them up with little effort!


Primary Tools Needed For Building A Sauna

DeWALT Cordless Tools

It’s difficult to say one brand of tools is best, with each having their own strengths and unique features. But, just like many people have their favorite make of car or brand of clothing they lean toward, I too have a brand of tools that is my favorite. For me, that is DeWALT.

A few reasons I always buy DeWALT tools, if possible:

These are just a few of the key reasons I buy DeWALT and recommend them to others. That’s not to say, however, that no other brands offer these same advantages. Like I said, everyone has their favorites; if you favor a different brand, that’s great…but these are just my personal recommendations from my own experience.

If you’re in the mood to buy the tools you need to be absolutely prepared for your custom tile shower project, here are the main tools I recommend purchasing:

*Note: the newer models have a 20 volt or 20 volt “MAX” battery. I recommend you make certain the tools you select when browsing and purchasing on Amazon have these 20v batteries (not the older 18 or 14 volt). They offer the most power and longest use time before needing recharged.

*Second Note: you can always purchase the tools standalone or in a kit with a carrying case, battery, and charger. I always buy the kit, for several reasons:

  1. I am very organized and like to have a case to keep each tool in good shape, and it makes it easier for storing away in a shelf or wherever.
  2. Even though they’re interchangeable, you can never have enough extra batteries lying around. If you lose one or one no longer holds a charge, you’ll have others to use.
  3. The same goes with chargers, you can have multiple chargers, one for the vehicle, one for the garage or workshop, one just in case you lose another, etc.

Books & Further Sauna Education


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